About Us

Welcome to Montana Insulation Systems! We are a family owned and operated business. My name is Dorn Jeske, and together with my wife and two children, we live and operate in the great state of Montana.

Prior to starting Montana Insulation Systems, I was a Journeyman Lineman. Being a Journeyman Lineman was great. It allowed me to help people, like bringing power to their new house or returning power after a major storm, where all power was knocked out for days. There is a saying in the Lineman world, “If you can turn your lights on, thank a Lineman.” Just one of the small things we take for granted.
Being a Lineman also meant I was on the road a lot. It took time away from my family and all the things we like to do as a family. So, came a time for a change. I still wanted to help people, just in a different way. With the rising costs of energy, I knew there was one way I could help people save money, and that is when Montana Insulation Systems was born.

Living and operating out of a small town that lies just outside of the capital, Helena MT, has allowed us to live the ultimate Montana life. In our down-time, you can find us enjoying hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, competing on our horses, long-range shooting, skiing and shredding up the slopes.